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2022 Event Photos
Jan 2022 Zoom Meeting with Martha McGill
Feb 2022 Zoom Meeting with Martha McGill
2021 Event Photos
Sept 2021 Meeting with Charlie Wade
Oct 2021 Meeting with Wendy and Bill Steelhammer
Dec 2021 Meeting with Linda Lowe
2020 Event Photos
Feb 2020 with Martha McGill
July 2020 Zoom Meeting
Aug 2020 Zoom Meeting
Sept 2020 Zoom Meeting
2019 Event Photos
January 2019 with Martha McGill
February 2019 with Charlie Wade
March 2019 with Sandy Dyer
April 2019 with Linda Lowe
May 2019 at Historical Glass Museum
August 2019 with Joann
Sept 2019 with Wendy and Bill
Oct 2019 with Rich and Lynn
Dec 2019 with Linda Lowe
2018 Event Photos
August 2018 with Charlie Wade
September 2018 with Wendy and Bill
October 2018 with Rich and Lynn
December 2018 at Huntington Terrace
2017 Event Photos
August 2017 with Joann
September 2017 with Wendy and Bill
October 2017 at Lynn and Richard's

Feb 2022 Zoom meeting with Martha McGill
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Photo by Wendy Steelhammer

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