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Photos and article by Martha McGill

Heisey's no. 477 pattern was named "Hairpin" by HCA at the organization's 1973 convention, based on suggestions from members. Dating to about 1916, it is a small line of pressed wares consisting of a 9" basket, wash set (large bowl and jug), tumbler, quart jug, and several sizes of nappies. Its name was inspired by the elongated loop motif of the pattern, resembling the hairpins used to hold in place the elaborate women's hairstyles of the period. The basket, and perhaps other pieces in the pattern, are sometimes found with satin finish on the loops. The basket was also decorated with gray cuttings added by the cutting companies of the period. Design patent #48572 was issued for the basket on February 15, 1916; the designer is listed as Andrew J. Sanford. An undated price list reproduced in the April 1974 Heisey News lists the following prices for the basket: "East, $2.50 each; West, $3.40 each." The basket is most often seen today, but all items in the line should be considered scarce.

References: Heisey News, April 1974, December 1977

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Quart Jug

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